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New York License Blog Part 1

The New York adjuster license might seem intimidating to some but this license can be a real game-changer when getting deployed. This 2 part blog will break down who should acquire the license and why it’s truly a game-changer. Next week our follow-up blog details the tips and tricks for those interested in getting the license. First up: ‘Who’ should get it and ‘Why’.

Who should get the NY license?

Everyone! In all seriousness, a New York license adds value to every adjuster interested in making themselves as marketable as possible.  However, because a New York license can cost as much as obtaining 3 or more other state licenses, the better answer is, if you are an adjuster with over a year of cumulative experience then this license should be a priority for you. Why is a year or more of cumulative experience recommended? The majority of these deployments will have a minimum experience requirement.

Why should I invest time and money in getting my NY license?

Often we are asked if getting your New York license will make much of an impact on your likelihood to get called for deployment opportunities. The answer is yes. Due to the cost and difficulty of getting the NY license, not as many experienced adjusters have sought out this license. Having your New York license will help set you apart from your peers and will help you qualify for more in-office and field deployments. This license can also be a highlight on your resume and help your profile stand out from the competition of other adjusters vying for the same work.

Please note, if you are an in-office adjuster, the old adage still holds true – the more licenses you have, the more chances you will have of being deployed. The Eberl adjuster has an average of 15 licenses.

What if I am a newer adjuster?

If you are on a budget as a new adjuster, aim to obtain licenses for the major CAT states.  This includes the 8 most hurricane-prone states from Texas to North Carolina on the coast as well as major wind and hail prone states like Minnesota. The more licenses you can afford, the more you can increase your chances of getting deployed. If money is not an object, then, by all means, get the New York license!

Testing for New York is extensive! It is never too early to start studying! We hope this blog has been helpful when considering your next license. Stay tuned for next week’s blog on how to apply along with all the industry tips and tricks we have to share! If your questions just can’t wait, please reach out to our License Department at

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