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More Hail!

By April 12, 2016February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Hopefully these April showers will bring May flowers; except Texas and other parts of the nation received much more than just a few showers.

Massive size hail, frequent lightning and heaps of rain blanketed much of Texas Monday afternoon and evening causing shattered windows in houses and vehicles, damaging roofs and even causing one fatality when a woman who lost control of her vehicle on the highway. Although the storm reached much of the Texas region, Wylie was hit especially hard with softball sized hail and schools were closed due to the damage the storm left behind. “If there was a Cat. 4 or 5 or EF4 or 5 equivalent for hail damage, the damage in Wylie, Texas, from yesterday’s hailstorm would be it,”- meteorologist Bryan Wood via Twitter.

Oklahoma, Arkansas and Alabama were also the targets of this storm causing several fires in El Dorado, Arkansas from lightning, gigantic size hail in Atoka, Oklahoma and one man even reported being struck by lightning in Birmingham, Alabama.

As you can imagine, this causes much distress for many residents but as many of them and you know, this is just the beginning of hail season. Please make sure you are in close contact with us (email, phone, status update via our website, etc.) so we are able to consider you for any opportunities that can assist those in need during this already very busy season.


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