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Tips for Working from Home & Managing Life During COVID

In times such as these, the positive impact of sharing and connecting with others is clear as we all try to maintain our mental wellness. Our team members at Eberl truly understand the value of being there for others – after all, it is our core mission.

They took the time to express what’s helping them through this pandemic as we all adjust to this “new normal.”

Check out the great tips and tricks below!

Tips for Managing Life During the COVID Pandemic:

Sam (Marketing): We have “partnered” up with friends and family that live in close proximity to us and are all taking turns doing grocery store runs for essentials. Everyone is messaging in their orders, using Venmo to transfer funds, and then the leader that week does all of the shopping and drops of the items on the front doorstep of each person. This is helping us all limit our exposure to grocery stores, as well as keeping the stores themselves less crowded.

The only downside; when we tell them that we are picking up toilet paper for FOUR families, we can see the doubt and judgment in their eye rolls! LOL

Heather (Administration): With much more free time on my hands lately during evenings and weekends, I’ve been determined to finish some projects around the house that have been put on the back burner for quite a while as a result of a very busy (prior to this pandemic) schedule and social life. Try to view all of this time at home in a positive light and accomplish tasks that you wouldn’t have otherwise done! When this unfortunate set of circumstances lifts, you’ll be relieved you completed those items that had been on your to-do list forever and you can now move on to other exciting goals.

Deb (Finance): A 17-year-old boy named Avi Schiffmann created a website that tracks the statistics of the virus called It’s pretty impressive that a 17-year-old did this and has been creating websites for 10 years.

Chris (Leadership): For anyone who needs additional creative ideas to do with their kids or ideas for gifts for friends and family is really great box subscription for any age. For the adults that are feeling left out, you can always try​ too!

Working from Home Tips & Tricks:

Merry (Administration): For me, it helps to put some music on the stereo. Once an hour or so, I get up and move around, stretch. On my breaks, I like to get some rays, so I step outside. At lunchtime, I recommend going for a walk, getting your garden ready, planting some seeds to start indoors, getting your hands in the dirt! Pet the neighbor’s dog!

Kelly (IT): I have two kids that are doing remote learning during the day while I am working. I have found it helpful to have one kid focus on schoolwork in the morning and the other in the afternoon. This minimizes the interruptions to my work schedule and the kids don’t have to fight for attention.

Brandon (Administration): The biggest trick for me so far is to make sure I get outside often (breaks, lunches, after work, etc.) and that usually includes walking the dog – she’s been a happy camper with me working from home every day! It has been amazing to see so many people outside walking their dogs with their loved ones while social distancing!

Sam (Marketing): Spend some time creating a workspace that makes you feel happy and motivated. When I am forced to work somewhere that lacks my “zen” I tend to lose focus; to combat that, my workspace is an entire feeling! I play soothing music, light candles, open up the curtains, and get to work. So my suggestion is to use things from around your house to try and create a space that’s dedicated to your workday and add elements to it that make you feel happy, relaxed, and productive!

Heather (Administration): I think it’s really important to maintain a certain level of physical activity as we all adjust to these new circumstances! I know it’s tempting to lay in bed or sit on the couch all day but keeping your body moving throughout the day is essential to overall health and well-being 🙂 There are tons of FREE workout videos available on YouTube that span every type of workout you can think of – stretching, yoga, pilates, kickboxing, dance, etc. No matter how “fit” you are, there’s something for everyone!

The Eberl team wishes everyone well over these next few months while we all make our way through the challenges that come along with the pandemic. We will all get through these times together!

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