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The Suspense is Killing Us!

By August 26, 2016February 3rd, 2020No Comments

It looks like 99 is determined to keep us guessing until the last minute! While the system has not intensified as much as some predicted, there is still time for it to organize before hitting Southern Florida on Sunday morning. All the models seem to still agree that the system will move into the Gulf at that point, and that will be when it will have more time to strengthen before another landfall.

Poorly defined systems such as 99 are notoriously difficult to predict. Per the latest blog post from Jeff Masters with the WeatherUnderground- “At this point, pretty much any outcome you can imagine is still on the table–failure to develop, development into a weak but rainy tropical storm, or intensification into a hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico.” You can read the full post here-

Our weekend will be spent glued to The Weather Channel for this one!




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