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Deep Waters in Detriot

By August 12, 2014February 3rd, 2020No Comments

Yesterday was the wettest day in 89 years for the Motor City, prompting major flooding on the freeways and side streets of the metro-area. Thousands of motorists were left stranded as the waters rose and at least 1,000 vehicles were abandoned on the roadways. The western and northern sides of the city as well as the adjacent suburbs appear to be the hardest hit. It may take several days before the waters fully subside and all roads are open again. Two deaths have also been reported; one woman went into cardiac arrest after becoming trapped by flood waters in a vehicle  and another was found dead in her flooded basement.

The Michigan Department of Transportation has indicated that the pump system designed to remove water from the roads was “overwhelmed” by the volume of precipitation, thereby exacerbating the flooding. In addition, copper wiring from several pumping stations had been stolen, further compromising the pumps ability to clear the roadways of excess water.

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