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Eberl Claims Service is proud to be The Claims Adjuster's Company. We are committed to the success of the independent claims adjuster more than any other company in the insurance industry. We are always searching for qualified Catastrophe Adjusters and Daily Claims Adjusters.

The first step in the Eberl Hiring Process is to be added the Eberl roster!   You can do this by submitting your online application here -submit application.  You will also have an opportunity to attach your resume to your application before you submit it to us. Our online application is fairly short, but it is also very informative for us.  The application provides us with much needed information about you and your current qualifications. Before you begin to fill it out, please take a few minutes to gather all your records or information you might need, i.e. Certifications, personal information, work history (if any), resume, dates worked, and storm names.  Providing us with the most accurate information will speed up the application process, guarantee that we add accurate information to your profile and that we are seeing you in the correct light!

Once you submit your application, the Workforce Development Department will review and process your application.  Once that is complete, you will be successfully added to our active roster. From there, we will correspond with you further via email regarding our minimum requirements and your next steps. We will also request a criminal background check on applicants. You will be administered a user name and password to our website so that you are able to log on and view/edit your profile. Once logged in, you also have access to our Learning Center where you can view the training calendar and register for any classes that you would like to complete online or attend at our Dallas, Texas training facility!

Our Hiring Process allows Eberl to sustain our reputation for providing remarkable customer service as well as provide our clients with highly competent and professional adjusters.

Please be aware that this is a very dynamic and cyclical business which is based around storm activity. Insurance adjusting can be very unpredictable and unfortunately the amount of work available can never be guaranteed. With that being said, our staff is here to continually communicate any information that you need to be prepared for the moment when Mother Nature calls upon us. Eberl is dedicated to helping those who have been affected by catastrophe and loss and you play a very instrumental role in this process.

The Workforce Development Department is here to provide you with the most beneficial information to help you succeed as an adjuster. Through our correspondence with you, we will be guiding you along your path to becoming an Eberl adjuster. We are always here to answer any questions you may have so feel free to email or call us. We have also created an FAQ document for you! This will help to answer many questions you may have. We look forward to having a long successful future with you!

There are many reasons to work with Eberl Claims Service. Adjuster benefits include:

Substantiated per diem reimbursement plan: Pre-tax money is set aside for lodging for each day that an employee is on assignment, according to the allowable per diem for the particular area. That money is then reimbursed to the adjuster as tax free expenses.
401(k) plan: Employees are able to invest for their retirement on a tax deferred basis through payroll deductions. Our plan is currently administered through ING Retirement Plans.

In addition, our adjusters benefit from:
Better commissions: Eberl Claims Service offers commission rates above industry averages.
Excellent client base: Our clients have high market penetration and favorable fee schedules. Some of the largest insurers in the industry entrust their claims adjustment needs to us.
Top-notch support: Eberl Claims Service home office and field support staff are the most knowledgeable, helpful and accessible in the business.
Leading technology: Online resources and our Claims Management Software (CMS) allow our adjusters to streamline the administrative and report filing process, freeing them up to focus on adjusting claims rather than forms and paperwork.
Superior training: From software, estimating, product identification, policy interpretation to best claim practices, our Workforce Development Department offers practical courses that further your professional development.

Most of our clients require at least two years of experience, however we do have training opportunities available for adjusters seeking a career at an entry level position. Bi-lingual skills are in high demand by many of our clients as well. Please be sure to include that or, any other special skill sets on your employment inquiries to Eberl.

In addition, prospective adjusters must possess exceptional customer service and organizational skills, be willing to travel extensively, and be prepared to spend extended periods of time away from home. Adjusters are employed on an "at will" basis, and among other things, a criminal background check will be requested.

Remaining active on our roster is easy to do, however you have to do your part! This includes:

Respond to our communications (either voice mail messages or emails) in a timely manner and provide us with the information and/or documents that we are requesting. If we are requesting information from you, it is because we need it in order for us to consider you further for opportunities.

Keeping your profile updated will only benefit you! If you fail to respond to us in a timely manner, or fail to provide us with requested information, we will have no choice but to mark your profile inactive. Treat every interaction with Eberl as a job interview. We are seeking the most qualified candidates to work for us and we are in a customer service industry. We evaluate your potential through every contact we have with you. If you are rude or unprofessional in your dealings with us, we feel it directly reflects how you would interact with our clients and their policyholders.

Adhere to dress codes when you attend our training classes, seminars and other meetings. Again, treat these interactions as job interviews!

When we send you information or instructions, please read the information carefully and follow the directions that are outlined. As an independent adjuster, you must be able to demonstrate to us your ability to read and follow directions and work with minimal supervision.

If you are looking to apply with our company, please submit an application as outlined above.  For any other inquiries, please email us at